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Hair Care in Different Seasons

Taking proper care of the hair is much important, as the hair is much important for the better growth and health of the hair. But as the seasons changes there comes different changes in the weather and in our surroundings. Therefore it becomes much essential to know how to take care of your hair and maintain the health and growth of the hair by avoiding damages with the change of seasons. It is much essential to know how to take proper care of your hair in different seasons. In this article we have tried to help you in this very subject so that you can maintain the luster of your hair in whatever season it is and also that you can avoid damages to the hair as far as possible.

Summer hair care: As we all know that the summer sun and the summer weather are not much of a friendly one for your physical health. Not only does the summers cause damage to our health but also it is responsible for causing a lot of damage to our hair also. For that reason it is essential that you should take some extra care for your hair during the summers. First of all the scorching heat and the UV rays of the sun, these are really a big reason for a lot of damages that are caused to the hair during the summers. Therefore before you step out in the sun it is recommended that you take some protection for the hair. Preferably it is to wear a scarf or a straw hat. But if you are not willing to wear them then you should at least apply a leave-in sunscreen conditioner to the hair before stepping out. And in case it is not handy you can also apply a regular sunscreen to the hair.

But never forget to wash it off as soon as you reach back home. Other than that our hair tends to become dry during the summers. Therefore there is a need to drink a lot of water to keep your hair and body hydrated. Try to avoid any sort of hot items during the summers, like blow dryers, curling irons, hot showers etc. As shampooing may cause dry hair, hence there is no need for shampooing regularly. And always use a mild shampoo.

Winter hair care: During the winters also our hair faces a lot of problems. As the weather is cold and the humidity is much lesser hence there is lesser chance of sweating. Therefore the hair becomes less greasy and dirty hence there is no need to shampoo the hair daily. Daily shampooing peals off the natural oils from the hair. As the weather is dry there is a chance that your hair may also become dry. Therefore oil

Once a week would be much helpful for your hair during the winter season. Hair conditioners should be used regularly to maintain the moisture balance in the hair.

Monsoon hair care: Our hair needs a lot of attention during the rainy season as the humidity level of the weather rises to the greatest extent during this part of the year. The extra humidity of the weather makes the hair oils and greasy and falls flat loosing its bounce. The texture of the hair also looks dull and lifeless because of the excessive oils of the hair. Because of the extra sweat the scalp also suffers a lot and have a great deal of itchiness. During this season avoid using mousses, gels and conditioners as far as possible. You should also try not to have any sort of chemical treatments done on your hair during these days. Applying henna conditioning to the hair may prove to be much helpful, as it would help remove the extra moisture from the hair.

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