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The Hair Facts

Our hair is an integral part of our body as well as our personality, and also reflects health & fitness. Our style statement depends mostly on our hair. So it is necessary for us to take proper care for our hair. Though we are often in the habit of neglecting this. And the result is that we often suffer from gray hair, hair fall, hair loss, dandruff and scalp problems, split ends etc. The fact is that our hair needs proper nutrition for growth and to shine with health. Though hair loss does have some genetic connections but still there are many reasons, which are responsible for hair problems, like diet, general health, hormonal deficiencies, excessive use of hair dyes and hair colors, physical and mental stress, etc. also lead to different hair problems. However, it is not much difficult to control these problems, which ultimately leads to premature hair fall among individuals.

The first and foremost factor is undoubtedly the role of diet. We should always be conscious about our diet chart. A perfectly balanced diet is necessary for the proper growth and health of the hair. Our hair gets its nutrition from its root, which is the only living part of our hair and is situated under the scalp. Thus the scalp provides the necessary nutrition to the hair. So it is essential for us to nourish the scalp. Therefore, it can be said that a healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. Moreover, scalp protection is further essential for controlling the dandruff problem. Actually, dandruff is nothing but dead skin cells which develop on the scalp. It is a natural process and is caused by the flaking of the dead skin cells. But when this is increased by an excessive rate we call it the dandruff problem. And if proper attention is not paid in time it may also result in hair fall, as the scalp cannot breathe under the thick layer of dead skin. So the scalp plays a vital role in the nourishment of the hair.

A large part of hair is made of protein. Therefore protein is much essential for the growth of hair. All animal products are rich in protein and it is also found in a lower percentage in all vegetables. Vitamins A, B, C are especially beneficial for our hair. But excessive intake of these vitamins may have adverse effects. About 20% of our hair is composed of water. Therefore, it is essential to stay hydrated, especially in the summer. Minerals like iron, copper, calcium, zinc and silica are essential for the growth of our hair.

Here goes the diet matter that we should keep in mind if we are doing hair care. Besides this there are some other facts that should also be kept in mind. For example shampooing every alternate day is essential to keep hair clean. Along with shampoo conditioners should also be used. Proper conditioning is necessary not only for the health of our hair but also it enriches our style statement. Using coconut oil at regular interval is also essential as it helps in hair growth. Thus a proper care should be taken for the growth and development of our hair.

Author: Mary Colonial
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