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8 Hair Myths


  1. True or False – Frequent trimming makes your hair grow faster.
    Well, the answer from InStyle is False.  Basically the trim is keeping a split end from moving further up the hair shaft.  If you keep your hair healthier to begin with you are not going to have to worry about split ends.  I think this is a good tip, as much as a well known myth, and if you keep your hair healthy on a daily basis, you should see excellent results.

  2. True or False – Brushing you hair often makes it healthier.
    InStyle says False and I would have to agree.  I think this might have been something that mothers told their daughters just to get them to keep their hair brushed, lol.  If fact, the article says that over brushing can cause more of a problem that it helps.  Creating a dull finish on your hair and if you use a “bad brush”, it can harm your hair even more (see hair gallery).  Just keeping your hair from becoming a rats nest is enough brushing.

  3. True or False – Massaging your scalp stimulates hair growth.
    Another False from InStyle.  Your hair will still grow at it’s normal rate, but messaging the scalp does help to relieve stress and increase blood circulation.  I think that there are a lot of places that tell you a scalp message will help and they are not 100% wrong.  Doing so will just not help you grow MORE hair.

  4. True or False – Chemical straighteners change your texture permanently
    False.  As your hair grows, your texture returns to normal.  The roots of your hair are not penetrated during this process, so the only hair affected is the hair that you see.  I think that this happens more for African Americans that want to straighten their hair so they don’t have the large afro puff all the time.  Talking about severe damage to your hair, the chemical treatment is one of the worst.

  5. True or False – Wearing a ponytail in the same area can give you a bald spot
    This is our first TRUE.  According to Doris Day, a dermatologist from NYC, “the constant tugging of a tight band can scar hair follicles and cause them to stop growing hair”.  Using a soft band for your hair is at least a little better then using a tight one all the time.  Whatever you can do to keep the ponytail loose on your head is going to be better.

  6. True or False – A cold rinse adds shine and tames fuzzy hair
    This one is also TRUE.  A cold blast of water at the end of your shower can flatten the cuticle onto the shaft and make the hair appear shinier.  But remember to dry your hair properly and use conditioner to keep that affect.  This sounds like another good tip, but beware that you still have to dry and condition your hair properly.

  7. True or False – Hair can become immune to shampoo
    False.  All shampoo is for is to clean the hair.  That it something it will always do.  If your hair looks bad after using your favorite shampoo, it may be because it is leaving a build up on the hair.  All you have to do is get a nice gentle clarifying shampoo to clean off the “gunk” and your hair should be back to normal.  These types of shampoos are generally a bit more expensive, but you should never forget that you get what you pay for.

  8. True or False – Coloring can change your hair’s texture
    This is TRUE, but really only temporarily.  Permanent color removes the protection layer on your hair and lifts the cuticles so dyes are able to penetrate.  Coloring can also swell the hair and give it body.  You will notice this more if you have thinner hair or hair with grey roots.  I think that any type of “treatment” that will change the hair texture, is not a good one.  Keeping your hair forever is hard work, but it can be done by just avoiding some mistakes that people make.

Reading through these myths you can see some that are more well known than others, but really, it still comes down to the fact that if you treat your hair gently and properly, it will be around a long time.

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