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Say No to Surgery: Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

So, you find yourself loosing your hair? Don’t worry your not alone. In fact two out of three men and approximately one out of five women suffer some degree of baldness. Still not comforted by those facts? Are you considering hair loss treatments but are afraid to go under the knife? Don’t fuss there are a lot of tried and tested non-surgical hair loss treatments. A few of them are as follows:

Medical Treatment

Medicine has come a long way since the time your granddad used his Olde Tonic on his hair to keep it from falling off. Today, you have more choices than you could possibly care for. The most popular medical interventions for hair loss are growth stimulators. Minoxidil – popularly known as Rogaine is a great example. Growth stimulators work by revitalizing the hair follicles and encouraging them to grow. Other popular medical hair loss treatments are anti-androgen, DHT inhibitors and SODs (Super Oxide Dismutase). DHT Inhibitors and Anti-androgen drugs work by countering or blocking the hormones that cause baldness. SODs on the other hand work by augmenting the immune system to prevent further hair loss.

Herbal Meds

Herbal medications are also great non surgical hair loss options. They work the same way as classic medical remedies, but they are milder to the body because of their herbal nature. These herbal remedies have slowly grown in popularity over the last decade or so. They may not work for everybody, but they have great results when they do.


Camouflage is one of the easiest non surgical hair loss treatments. All you have to do is go to a wig store and pick out a hairpiece perfect for you. Just keep in mind that you need to match you chosen hairpiece with you real hair. That way it blends in seamlessly and it won’t be so obvious that you are wearing a wig. But, mind you, it isn’t always that easy. It can take weeks and even months before you are able to find the perfect hairpiece.

Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy for hair loss has been hailed as a breakthrough by more physicians and plastic surgeons. It has been called one of the best hair loss treatment methods available today. It is non invasive and patients don’t have to go through a daily routine of putting on and taking off wigs. Laser therapy works by stimulating the minute (small) blood vessels of the scalp, thus improving circulation and blood flow to the hair roots.

Manual Stimulation

The myth that poor circulation causes hair loss has been disproved. But, it doesn’t follow that good circulation doesn’t help hair grow. In fact, it is the complete opposite. Stimulating you scalp by gently massaging it with your hands or a massaging tool can help improve blood flow to your scalp. Improved blood flow means more nutrients for your hair roots, thus making them stronger. Eating nutritious foods may also help, but in a very minimal level.

Be Patient

With any hair loss treatment, be it surgical or not, patience is Key. You need to be patient enough because you may have to wait a short while before results kick in. Even with the camouflage method, you may have to spend long hours and days just to find the perfect wig.

Author: Benedict Smythe
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