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Tips That Allow For Thicker Hair Growth

It can be a really tough task trying to turn thin hair into a beautiful head of lustrous thick hair. A lot of times it's the products we use on our hair that ends up causing us to lose our hair earlier than we expect.

Before you dive into the tips outlined in this article, there are some things you need to know in order to ensure you thicken your hair effectively. Like I mentioned before it's often times the types of hair treatments we use that affect hair growth.

For instance take note of how shampoo can be devastating to your hair. Over 90% of them contain additive chemical agents that are there for the sole purpose of alleviating oils and dirt from the hair and scalp. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your hair clean. That's part of good hygiene.

The problem lies in using just anything that's cheap or whatever you can get your hands on. And for all of those shampoo products out there that contain all of those additives, this can spell disaster. Many of them strip the hair out over time. You won't see it today or tomorrow, but it will happen as long as you're using that product.

What you may want to do is aim at using natural, herbal shampoo agents. These are not only safe for your hair, but they contain the exact chemical properties needed in order to make your hair grow back thicker.

One little tip that a friend of mine revealed to me for instant hair thickening involves baking soda. Take a few tablespoonsful of it and add it to your shampoo. This will coat the strands and give them that body that they need. There are a ton of things you can do for more hair growth as well as hair that's thicker. You just have to know where to look for the best help.

Author: Christopher Litmon

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