MēSmooth Home use Hair Removal Device

MēSmooth Home use Hair Removal Device
MēSmooth Home use Hair Removal Device MēSmooth Home use Hair Removal Device
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MēSmooth Home use Hair Removal Device

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  • Professional at-home Permanent Hair Reduction System for all Skin Tones
  • Permanent results for face and body
  • Safe and effective for all skin tones
  • Effective for all hair colors
  • Fastest treatments
  • Easy, intuitive application; no tedious stamping
  • Gentle; no nicks, stinging or snapping.
  • Clinically Proven for Face and Body

FDA cleared for all skin tones:

The mē Smooth is the first and only at-home hair removal device that is FDA cleared to be safe and effective for ALL skin tones (the skin color you were born with). Elōs technology, the unique combination of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF (Radio Frequency) addresses the limitations of traditional hair removal technologies. The addition of color-blind RF technology allows the use of a lower level of IPL energy while delivering a clinically proven removal of unwanted hair, even on darker skin tones.

The mē is clinically proven to effectively remove unwanted hair that's naturally blond, dark blond, red, brown, brunette or black.

How to use:

Prepare your skin
To prepare the skin for your mē treatment, first you need to remove the hair from the surface of your skin. This will ensure that the elōs energy is focused on the hair follicles beneath the surface for optimal efficacy.

If you have dark hair you will need to shave or wax the area that you want to treat (underarm, bikini area, legs, arms for women and back, chest, legs and arms for men). Wipe clean and dry the area.

If you have fair hair, it is recommended that you wax or epilate immediately before treating with the mē in order to get the best results. Wipe clean and dry the area.


Activate Mē

Step 1
Press the power button on the base unit to turn the system on.
Step 2
Press the appropriate elōs level button (Low, Medium or High) on the base unit to select the desired elōs energy. It is recommended to start with Low level, and if you feel comfortable, raise the elōs level.

Step 3
Press the elōs activation button on the hand piece.

Step 4
Gently place the applicator on your skin, so that the two silver RF contact bars are in complete contact with the skin. The applicator will emit pulses of bright light this is the elōs energy at work. The applicator will not work unless both silver RF contact bars are touching your skin.

Step 5
Allow one pulse of elōs energy on your first target area. Remove the applicator after a single pulse and move to the next target area. Repeat this action until you have covered your entire facial treatment area. You should go over each area 2-3 times in a treatment session but never immediately one after the other.


Learn more about the device by going to http://www.elitehairstudio.in/me-smooth-hair-removal-device.html