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Spinner Sunil Joshi is the Brand Ambassador of Elite Hair Studio

Sunil Joshi

Sunil Joshi
Ace International Cricketer
Brand Ambassador of EHS & ELS

"I am proud to be associated with Elite Hair Studio and I have personally experienced few of the products and services from them. I am completely satisfied and I strongly recommend their products and services."


Elite Hair Studio Press Meet:

Hyderabad, 21st October, 2014: Elite Hair Studio (EHS) - an exclusive member of the renowned Transitions International Group, announced Ace cricketer Sunil Joshi as one of its Brand Ambassador, on Tuesday at EHS, Jubilee Hills.

Sunil Joshi, an all-rounder and left arm spinner, was a contemporary of Anil Kumble, he donned the India cap in fifteen test matches and sixty nine ODIs and won several laurels for the country and the Karnataka state he represented. His most famous international performance was his 10-6-6-5 spell against South Africa in an ODI in 1999 and the stellar performance in Bangladesh's inaugural Test match, being declared Man of the match for his all-round effort of taking eight wickets and scoring an uphill 92. He is the third highest wicket-taker in Ranji Trophy. Sunil Joshi was facing the problem of hair loss and receding hairline on the scalp, marring his appearance.

It was on the suggestion of an acquaintance, he preferred to travel to Hyderabad and discuss about treatment. On being satisfied with the facility, expertise of Trichologists at Elite Hair Studio, he decided to go ahead with the treatment here, despite the inconvenience of travelling from Bangalore for treatment sessions. The initial assessment of Sunil at EHS was, he had male pattern hair loss of Grade 4.

After thorough examination and discussion, it was concluded that Hair transplantation with about 3000+ follicles would be good to achieve a decent cover up of the bald patches, besides simultaneous medical therapy, to salvage remaining hair and accomplish best outcomes. Sunil has been undergoing treatment since 3rd January 2014. To maximise the outcome and minimise discomfort, we opted for 'FUE Re-nourish Hair Transplant' procedure.

FUE Renourish hair transplant is totally non- invasive, devoid of cuts, stitches etc., along with an ongoing hair stimulation. Through this procedure 3000 follicles were extracted from the back of the scalp and were implanted on the front to create the hairline and also the crown (the central scalp). The procedure took almost 10-12 hrs to perform, he was sent home the same day.

After about 8 weeks, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment was started on his scalp, primarily to salvage the existing hair and hasten the growth of the transplanted hair, the same therapy is being continued every 6-8 weeks as an ongoing stimulation. The current status of Sunil is very promising, the hair follicles have been growing at a steady rate and the coverage looks good.

The hair coverage continues to improve after the transplantation for about 12-14 months. Speaking on the occasion Sunil Joshi said, today everyone wants to look fair, young and feel good. The team at Elite Hair Studio did an excellent job. To fetch good results the onus is on the patient too, he should follow the regimen prescribed by the doctors strictly.

"We are delighted to have someone of Sunil Joshi's stature getting treated at EHS. As our Brand Ambassador, we are confident, he will spin a magic and inspire several silent suffers to boldly opt for the best treatment for hair restoration available at Elite Hair Studio", says Sanjay Challa, CEO

Dermatologist and Director Medical Services, EHS, Dr Kamal, said, hair loss is common amongst men, women are protected by hormones. The men-women ratio for hair loss is 80:20, however off late this ratio is gradually changing. Regarding the hair loss apprehension for wearing helmets, he said, helmet can be an issue for hair loss only if it is not maintained clean or due to sharing of helmet leading to fungal infections. For sweating profusely while wearing helmets, he advised usage of soft cotton cloth in helmets to prevent sweating and dripping. Regarding hair transplant, he said hair transplant is permanent but one should take care to prevent loss of existing hai.

Vijay Busani, MD, Elite Hair Studio, says, this is the only facility In AP and Telangana to treat complete life cycle of hair loss problem.

Sunil Joshi responding to questions on cricket at the Elite Hair Studio press conference said, the Board (BCCI) will take a wise decision and take up the issue with ICC. Cricket is an emotional issue for Indians, several who have booked tickets for matches to be played will be disappointed. Board has taken a wise decision to continue the matches with Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan team is better than West Indies team and the spectators will have some interesting and competitive cricket to watch. This will also give excellent exposure to our team before the world cup. During the forthcoming Australian tour, we need to bat well, it's going to be tough series. Virat, Rohit, Rehane, Pujara should do well. We need to give time to the new bunch of players to get international experience, they are extremely talented, good days are definitely in the offing, he said. Regarding the controversy on suspected bowling action, ICC is going in the right direction, it's a great step, he added. Regarding the team for World cup, he said, we have to have a good combination of youth and experience, the bowling department should do well also. Regarding Virat Kohli being drafted as Captain of the Indian team, Sunil Joshi said, Dhoni is doing well as a captain, he is an ideal captain, he should continue. Virat should not be burdened, he is needed for us to score more runs, We have seen in the past the best performing batsman can lose focus on batting due to the captaincy load.

We have Launched New Best Hair Treatment Centers at Bandra (Mumbai / Bombay), Himayath Nagar (Hyderabad) and Vizag (Visakhapatnam) and we are also planning to Launch Hair loss Treatment Centers at Chennai / Madras, Bangalore / Bengalooru, Kolkata / Calcutta, New Delhi and all other major cities & states of India.

Sunil Joshi Brand Ambassador of EHS & ELS
Sunil Joshi Brand Ambassador of EHS & ELS


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We have Launched New Best Hair Treatment Centers at Bandra (Mumbai / Bombay), Himayath Nagar (Hyderabad) and Vizag (Visakhapatnam) and Kormangala (Bengaluru) and we are also planning to Launch Hair loss Treatment Centers at Chennai / Madras, Kolkata / Calcutta, New Delhi and all other major cities & states of India.